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      ICBE Research Reports

      Over the past two decades, Africa has achieved remarkable economic growth, outpacing most other regions in the world.

      Corporate Social Responsibility and Consumer Behaviour in Nairobi and Nakuru: A Focus on Cause Related Marketing

      Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a concept that many companies both in the developed and developing world are embracing to show concern for the less privileged in society. Various companies have also used cause related marketing (CRM) programs to support worthy causes.?

      File Size:
      498.53 kB
      16 April 2011
      Fredah Mwiti and Stella Nyongesa

      Challenges to the Growth of Capital Markets in Underdeveloped Economies: The Case for Uganda

      Despite the universal recognition that stock exchanges are the most pragmatic and cost effective method of raising capital, firms, especially private sector firms in underdeveloped economies have consistently shunned the stock exchanges.?

      File Size:
      651.67 kB
      16 April 2011
      Samuel Sejjaaka

      What Makes Cross-Sector Partnerships Successful? A Comparative Case Study Analysis of Diverse Partnership Types in an Emerging Economy Context

      This paper seeks to identify leadership success factors of cross-sector partnerships. We start with an overview of relevant scholarly and practice-oriented work, and motivate our research with reference to the need to add nuance to existing constructs, to explicitly consider the implications of different partnership types, and to assess the role of socio-economic and other contextual factors in an emerging economy. Our methodology focuses on ten comparative case studies, premised on two intermediate steps to develop a typology and evaluative criteria for partnerships.

      File Size:
      373.36 kB
      11 April 2011
      Ralph Hamann1, Sunette Pienaar, Fleur Boulogne and Nicole Kranz

      Workshop on the Investment Climate and Business Environment Research Fund and Partners in Central Africa

      The workshop focused on two main items: the presentation of progress reports on projects supported by the research fund, and the possibility of setting up a network of Central African researchers to promote their professional interests and serve as a reliable partner in investment climate reform for investors, donors, and public‐sector decision makers.

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      151.12 kB
      11 August 2009

      The Role of Harambee Contributions in Corruption: Experimental Evidence from Kenya

      This paper uses an experiment involving a public good game and a common pool resource game to investigate if individuals compensate their "Harambee" contributions by engaging in corruption. The results show an inverse relationship between public good contributions and common pool resource extractions, in that cooperator in public good contributions extract less from the common pool resource. To the extent that the experiment mimics the alleged link between contributions to harambee and corrupt acts of embezzlement ex-post, the basis for blaming harambee on corruption is not established by the results. Consistent with the findings documented in Henrich et al, 2001 which showed that Kenyan subjects brought their everyday experience of harambee into the public good setting, this paper also documents the fact that participants in the games brought their real life experience of harambee to bear on their decisions. This highlights the important and potentially positive reinforcing role that social norms and institutions can have on individual decisions.

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      635.26 kB
      16 May 2009
      Abraham K. Waithima

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